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Universal Stainless


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USAP Second Quarter 2015 Conference Call and Webcast
Wednesday, July 29, 2015
10:00 AM ET

Universal Stainless, Inc. (Nasdaq: USAP) manufactures and markets semi-finished and finished specialty steel products, including stainless steel, tool steel and certain other alloyed steels, in a wide variety of grades, widths and gauges in response to customer specifications.

The Company's products, sold to rerollers, forgers, service centers and original equipment manufacturers, are further processed by our customers for use in a variety of industries, including aerospace, power generation, petrochemical and heavy equipment manufacturing. The Company also performs conversion services on materials supplied by customers that lack certain of the Company's production facilities or that are subject to their own capacity constraints.

The new North Jackson facility melts VIM quality specialty steel and nickel alloy products, as well as doing VAR remelting.  The facility also operates a state of the art hydraulic radial forge that produces bars and forged blocks.  In addition to shipping finished product from this facility, this operation is closely tied with the Bridgeville and Dunkirk facilities completing production of some products that start in Bridgeville as well as supporting the Dunkirk plant with feedstock for its finished products.

The Bridgeville facility produces specialty steel products in the form of long products and flat rolled products including certain grades of electro-slag remelted steels (ESR) and vacuum-arc remelted (VAR) steels. The semi-finished long products are primarily used by the facility's customers to produce finished bar, rod and wire products, and the semi-finished flat rolled products are used by customers to produce fine-gauge plate, sheet and strip products. The finished bar products manufactured by the Company are primarily used by original equipment manufacturers and by service center customers for distribution to a variety of end users.

The Titusville facility produces customized shapes primarily for original equipment manufacturers that are cold rolled from purchased coiled strip, flat bar or extruded bar at its Precision Rolled Products department and operates five vacuum-arc remelting furnaces to support the Bridgeville facility.

The Dunkirk facility produces finished bar, rod and wire products primarily for service centers and original equipment manufacturers from semi-finished long products received from the Bridgeville facility and purchased rod.

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